So, you want all the details.
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First, me:
I'm a male.
picture of me
See, the picture proves it.

Don't tell anyone, but that picture of me, it's from around 1995. I still look like that, but with a little less hair. Help, I'm going bald

Second, about me: If this looks too detailed, go to my basics page.

  • I was born November 1, 1963. I'm getting old too fast and don't like birthdays anymore.
  • I have been doing home renovations since 1986, way too long. I'm now in the business of website hosting, design, and domain name registration. Check out my links below for more details.
  • I am single. I was engaged in 1987, but before the marriage she found a better man, lucky for me. I'll find the right person someday.
  • I would love to have a family someday, but doubt it will ever happen. That's the main reason I consider myself as old. I'm running out of time. Maybe someday I'll enjoy a birthday by having a special someone to spend it with.
  • My hobbies used to be electronics and photography, and I spent a lot of time with both, but now I spend most of my spare time on the net, either working professionally, or just for fun.
  • I currently live in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. I would love to travel, but don't have the time or money. I have never been more than an 8 hour drive from home. One of these days I'm going to drive across Canada. Hopefully before I die.
  • I'm a Christian, the 24/7 type. I don't believe going to church once a week is all it takes to go to Heaven, but everyone has their own beliefs.

Useless details

  • My favorite colors are burgundy and gold. That's why I'm using them on this site. It is about me.
  • My favorite number is 25.
  • I don't believe in myths like walking under a ladder, crossing the path of a black cat, 7 years bad luck if you break a mirror, etc.
  • I very seldom buy lottery tickets.
  • Favorite food...cheese. I can live on poutine, pizza, lasagna, and macaroni and cheese.
  • Favorite drink...chocolate milk. Next is soft drinks, not diet though. I don't care for coffee and I don't like alcohol.
  • I don't smoke, even though just about all my friends do.
  • My computer is a PIII 600MHz with 384MB RAM and 2 20GB hard drives.

Third, My internet history: My website links can be found below

  • I found the net, this one of course, late fall of 1998. My brother had been using the net for a while and was telling me to try it out. Eventually I did, and boy was he sorry. I didn't give him much time to use his computer until I bought my first one.
  • I opened my first email account, with Yahoo, in February 1999. I quickly became an internet fanatic, and before I knew it, had many email accounts.
  • Started my first web site, a general celebrity site at xoom.com, in March 1999. It was just photo galleries of a variety of beautiful celebrities.
  • Started my Yahoo Kim Richards fan club in June 1999.
  • Created a separate web site for Kim Richards on Jan 1, 2000 at Homepage.com. The fan club helped me get enough info to give her a separate site.
  • Created a separate site for Tara Lipinski in March 2000 at 50megs.com.
  • A few months later I decided to move my Kim Richards site to real domain name hosting.
  • In January 2001 I registered the domain beautifulcelebrities.net, and moved my xoom site and Tara site there.
  • In February 2001 SarahRush.com came into existence. It became official as of June 4, 2001.
  • A couple weeks later I decided to make a site for Meredith Henderson.
  • Shortly after that I decided to put up helpinggodschildren.com, a site about helping others.
  • In spring 2001, since I had several websites, I decided to become a hosting reseller to save money.
  • In August 2001, I got the domain specialcelebrities.net and moved my Tara and Meredith sites there.
  • Over the next few months some friends of mine got hosting accounts through me and the monthly cost was getting high enough that I decided to look into leasing my own server.
  • I did some research on how to manage a server, and in April 2002, I decided to get one of my own.
  • In May 2002, I started a new site for teens at teenquestionsandanswers.com.
  • I then decided my future. I enjoyed having my own server and helping my friends with their sites and technical questions. I decided to go into the web hosting business.
  • My new business, Premier Website Solutions, officially opened in August 2002.
  • In August 2002, I also decided to start including male celebrities on my celebrity sites and moved my main celebrity site to generalcelebrities.com.
  • At the same time, specialcelebrities.com became available, so I moved my Tara and Meredith sites to it.
  • Since hosting was my business now, I have no limit to how big my celebrity sites can get so I decided that I was going to work towards having one of the biggest and most popular "family friendly" celebrity sites around.

Fourth, my websites.

Web Site Description
My Websites
MikesWebsiteDesign.net My professional website design services.
PremierWebsiteSolutions.com My professional website hosting and domain registration services.
GeneralCelebrities.com General Celebrity Website - Front page to my celebrity website system.
GeneralCelebrities.com/start.html Main celebrity website with video captures, scans, basic biographies, and some video clips.
The next 4 sites are dedicated celebrity sites with much more.
KimRichards.net Website dedicated to Kim Richards and her sisters, Kyle, and Kathy.
TaraLipinski.SpecialCelebrities.com Website all about Tara Lipinski.
MeredithHenderson.SpecialCelebrities.com Website all about Meredith Henderson.
SarahRush.com Official website all about Sarah Rush. This site actually belongs to Sarah and a friend of mine, I just design and maintain it.
HelpingGodsChildren.com This site has several sections about many different subjects. Some sections do not have material yet and some sections do. If you like helping others, or if you would like help yourself, check it out.
TeenQuestionsAndAnswers.com This site is a new site, under construction, to help teenagers find answers to questions. I would have loved to see a site like this when I was a teen so I decided to put it up for todays teens.
QualityHomeRenovations.com Web site about home improvement tips and tricks and how to choose a professional to do a job for you. This was my previous occupation.
Photography Web site about photography. Something I've always enjoyed doing and learning.
My Message Boards
CelebrityMessageBoards.com A new message board system to chat with, talk about, and even leave messages for, your favorite celebrities.
TaraLipinski.CelebrityMessageBoards.com A seperate forum of the new message board system for fans of Tara Lipinski.
MeredithHenderson.CelebrityMessageBoards.com A seperate forum of the new message board system for fans of Meredith Henderson.
fanclubs.kimrichards.net/Kim Kim Richards played in "Escape to Witch Mountain", "Tuff Turf", and other movies. She was my favorite actress back when I used to be young.
fanclubs.kimrichards.net/Kyle Kyle Richards, younger sister of Kim, played in "Watcher in the Woods", "The Car", and other movies.
fanclubs.kimrichards.net/Kathy Kathy Richards, older sister of Kim, had a few acting roles.
messageboard.SarahRush.com Sarah Rush is the "launch when ready" woman from "Battlestar Galactica". She also plays in "For Love of Angela", "Years of the Beast" and others.
groups.yahoo.com/group/taralipinskisskateclub Not actually my club. I just help with it.
Tara is the most beautiful figure skater I've ever seen.

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