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Since this site is about me and my web sites, I assume you are either here to find out about me, or to find out what web sites I have, or you just stumbled upon this site. In case you just stumbled upon this site, to help you decide if you want to go any further, here is a very very brief idea of what kind of sites I have.

  • I have my professional website (I do website hosting, design, and domain registration)
  • I have a few celebrity websites, mainly females much prettier, but did recently add male celebrities by request
  • I have a web site about how you can help people in need
  • I have a site about home renovations
  • I have a site about photography

If you are still reading, you obviously must want to know something, right?

How much do you want to know about me?
Just the basics

I don't care about
your favorite color,
or your life history.
I just want the basics.


I want to know all about you.
Your favorite food and color.
Why you made your web sites.
Everything you want to share.

Just your sites

Who cares who, or
even what you are.
I just want to know
about your web sites.

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If you want to email me, feel free to email me at mike@mikessites.net.

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